Decks, privacy fences, wood siding and log homes do not last forever, but if maintained routinely, their life can be significantly extended. Our professional services will Renew, Protect, Preserve and extend the life of your investment in quality exterior wood.

When you choose Decksavers to complete your project, you can be assured of the highest level of performance from the initial estimate, to the completion of the job.

Step one: Free Estimate & Evaluation

After you reach out to us, a Decksavers representative will provide you a no cost evaluation of your project needs and free estimate of our restoration and preservation process. We generally try to meet with you while writing up estimates, which allows us to clear any confusion and answer any questions you might have. It’s also a great opportunity to show you color samples and get a good idea of where we will be heading.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, you will be placed on our schedule and given an approximate date to begin. (Weather will affect our schedule)

Step two: Cleaning decks, fences, and wood siding

Decksavers will restore the natural beauty to your wood with a gentle, biodegradable cleaning formula specifically suited to each individual project. Usually we just need to use a mild cleaner to remove the dead wood fiber from the surface, but some projects may require the use of a chemical stripper to remove a failing finish.

After applying the cleaning solution, we will follow with a mild pressure wash (in the hands of experienced personnel) to restore the natural beauty to your exterior wood. If a chemical stripper is required, a neutralizing agent is also applied to brighten the wood surface and bring the PH level back to neutral.

Step three: Preparation and masking

After the wood has dried adequately (generally 24 to 48 hours after washing or rainfall), we will return to start applying the wood preservative stain/sealer.

Prior to applying any wood preservative finish on your project, we will thoroughly mask off any adjacent brick, siding, windows, concrete and vegetation with plastic or drop cloths. Any nails that need to be knocked down or loose boards will be tightened at this phase also.


Step four: Staining decks and fences

After making sure all areas adjacent to project are covered, we apply the highest quality, commercial grade preservative stain/sealer to your wood deck, fence or siding. We generally apply our products by spraying two “wet on wet” coats (one coat is applied, followed by an additional saturating coat before first coat is dry), followed by back-brushing to work the product into the cracks and pores of the wood.

Our experience in the exterior wood restoration market has allowed us to experiment with many products and we believe we have found what works best. Our penetrating Paraffin Oil based treatment will help prevent wood rot, eliminate unsightly weathering, stop UV damage, restore a rich attractive look and prevent fungus growth. It penetrates deeply into the wood fibers, replenishing the natural oils lost in the wood from the weathering process. Our contractor grade product never has to be stripped, and is extremely maintenance friendly.

Special notes:

Previously coated wood decks and fences:

In the case we have decided not to strip the existing finish, we will apply a quality deck stain compatible with the color and coating that is on your deck, fence or siding. This option is common since chemically stripping an existing finish is very expensive.

Older wood decks and fences:

You may think that if you have a ten year or older deck, nothing short of replacement will help the way it looks. Although we cannot reverse severe cracking from sun and water damage, we can achieve amazing results, extending the life of your structure.

Solid color finishes:

We also service decks and fences that have been previously painted or solid color stained. Once a deck has been painted it is extremely expensive to remove. Sometimes it is just easier and more cost efficient to replace if you are trying to restore to a “natural wood look”. The most cost effective option is just to repaint the deck. If your deck or fence has an existing solid color paint or stain, we can re-stain with a similar color or can change the color all together. We never attempt to strip off a solid color finish!